John Kelly

PEER Program Lead | Green Building Certification Institute

At GBCI, John Kelly leads the development of a sustainable electricity rating system and design guide modeled after LEED for buildings, called Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER).  Just as LEED improved the ability to compare the relative sustainability of buildings, PEER provides a common design, performance, and verification methodology for the electricity sector that scales to grids of all sizes.

Mr. Kelly worked with industry leaders for the past six years to research and create innovative approaches to building sustainable electricity system. This includes developing microgrid designs and prototypes that demonstrate the art-of-the-possible in terms of consumer requirements for cost-efficiency, conservation, environmental protection, and reliability.

Mr. Kelly provided consulting services to the electric and natural gas industries for 30 years; focusing the past decade on developing innovative sustainable energy plans and designs for cities, large multiuse developments, and commercial buildings.  This included authoring numerous research papers on energy technology, electricity reliability, markets, pricing, smart grid cost/benefit and state policy reform best practices.

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