Jason Blumberg

CEO & Managing Director | Energy Foundry

Jason is CEO & Managing Director of Energy Foundry, an energy and cleantech impact venture capital fund, where he sets the firm’s vision, leads its investment activities, and advises its entrepreneurs. He is Executive Director of ISEIF, a non-profit that teaches consumers about the Smart-Grid. Jason is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he teaches energy and cleantech entrepreneurship. He a Board member of multiple companies and is on the Advisory Boards of a number of leading industry and nonprofit organizations.

Prior to co-founding Energy Foundry, Jason co-founded Energy Results, where he was the company’s CEO. At Energy Results he built a leading residential energy business, which gained significant market traction and was adopted by industry leaders such as Best Buy. Before co-founding Energy Results, Jason worked at McKinsey & Co. where he was a member of the firm’s Energy & Climate Change leadership teams.

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