H.G. Chissell

Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts | Viridity Energy

H.G. Chissell is Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Viridity Energy, a software/service firm focused on virtual power generation and advanced energy optimization. Mr. Chissell has been with Viridity Energy from its beginning, leading the company’s growth of MWs under management and strategic expansion throughout PJM and NYISO across all verticals, including the first behind-the-meter frequency regulation battery project in PJM.

Mr. Chissell graduated from Swarthmore College, studied architecture at Drexel University and received his accreditation as a LEED AP. Mr. Chissell focuses on advanced business solutions and partnerships, specifically with the DOD, large industrials, portfolio real estate companies, energy storage integrators, and Retail Energy Providers. H.G. Chissell is the Founder of the Chicago Advanced Energy Stakeholders Series and Advisory Board member for the Energy Storage Association and lead facilitator for the ConEdison Energy Storage Working Group. In 2014, Mr. Chissell received the Federal Energy and Water Management Award for his work with Fort Meade and American Water.

Prior to Viridity Energy, Mr. Chissell led a sustainability/energy team at Gap International, a global consulting firm specializing in breakthrough leadership. Mr. Chissell began his commercial career at RDLA, a healthcare architecture firm in Philadelphia.

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