David Shepheard

Managing Director - Utilities & Grid Operations | Accenture

David is a Managing Director within Accenture’s North American Utilities practice. David has over 20 years of experience in energy and utility markets including work in all sectors of the energy value chain including generation / production, marketing and trading, transmission and distribution, and customer service functions.  David works with many of Accenture’s clients who are executing major business transformation strategies in the electric utility T&D sector.  Current focus areas for David’s involvement in client business transformation include: developing next generation distribution management and automation strategies, integrating large renewables portfolios into markets and grids, developing new asset optimization strategies in response to changing generation and fuel dynamics, and utilizing Smart Grid technologies to improve the outage to restoration response for utilities.Rafael’s broad consulting experience includes large and small electric utilities as well as transmission systems operators in the US and abroad.  Rafael’s has provided the solution architect role for comprehensive Smart Grid programs across many leading utilities.  In these roles, Rafael has emerged as one of the leaders in the evolution and implementation of advanced Distribution Management Systems including the implementation of both distributed and centralized self-healing network schemes and voltage optimization capabilities.

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